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7 Gift Ideas for Men in 2014

For women, one of the most challenging things they will experience is finding the ideal gift for their men. Regardless if it’s for her father, brother or lover, since this creature’s interest is difficult to predict. Even if you’re a keen observer or you know him intimately, this will not give you any assurance that you will select the perfect gift, which they long for – only they don’t know it yet. One can ensure this is done properly by initiating this process sooner, for example, at least one month before. This will give you ample time to research and look for the best gadgets for men that they will truly treasure and adore.

Take a look at the list of unique gadgets for men below that will aide you throughout the search:


  • If your man adores historical reading, consider buying him this best book of The First World War in ColourThe auto chrome photography is the pre-cursor to colored films revolutionary photography that come out later. During World War 1; there was a small cluster of photographers that experimented with auto chrome for them to document in color the war horror. A book collection that consist of 384 pages of images that are highly impact from the war in year 1941 to 1919.
  • Sake Making Kit: If loves making homemade brew and wine, having this kit is one of the best thing that you can have. This includes all things that are needed in making one gallon batches of the traditional sake from Japan except for two ingredients. These are 2.5 lbs. sugar and 1 lb. white raisins that is highly needed during brewing. Here’s a guide you can buy for him first!
  • GoPro Fetch-Dog Harness: If you’re a proud pet parent, this will answer all your prayers. This feature chest and back mounting plate that can be fully adjusted for the dog to fit form 15-120 lbs. Adjustable Chest Mount Harness, if you want to strap to yourself
  • Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle: There are billions of single plaster water bottles that are being thrown into the trash a year. If you consider burying this, you will surely not add from those billion throwers. This soft-sided PVC & BPA free-bottle squishes down into two inches once it’s empty, taking up a very minimal space. You just need to pop it you then fill if you wanted a drink.
  • Mo-Fi Headphones Blue Microphone: blue is one of the poplar makes of microphone that bring up the Mo-Fi headphones to give an audiophile quality sound. they had able to engineered the optimal head to head fit interface and they properly equipped their headphones along with high quality amplifier that feature three modes manual that enables user to customize sounds for it to suit its user needs.
  • Evernote Pfeiffer Collection: this is a desk accessory of Evernote that includes slotted cup that is not good for drinking instead for the stashing stuff. This also includes table deals and dish walnut tray wood that will keep an iPod game tightly in place. This is one of the collections of Oakland based furniture master designer Eric Pfeiffer. If you’re interested.
  • LG-G Watch R: this is the latest smart android watches powered by LG. this appear to be a traditional timepiece analog that has round case that is highly compatible with Google play store apps and can receive alerts, notification, weather information and many other.  Here’s a review.
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