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Amidst Amazon developing drone couriers, gaming consoles (or at least controllers) and streaming devices, they now intend to delve deep into the world of smartphones. Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and Huawei who currently dominate the smartphone market – get ready – because Amazon plans a release of their own smartphone in the second half of this year.


This new device has been unveiled as part of Amazon’s new strategy to deviate from retail and move into multimedia, harnessing the power of its Kindle tablets and streaming video offerings. It seems nonsensical for Amazon to enter such a crowded market with massive barriers to entry, but hey, CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has been known to enjoy risks like this, having successfully challenged the traditional concept of brick-and-mortar bookstores and replaced it with Amazon’s direct to your door substitute.


Officially, the product will be announced towards the end of June, maybe even with some flashy pictures to cure our curiosity and it will be available to ship to customers by the end of September. Amazon has been showing prototypes to developers in San Francisco and Seattle to drum up some much needed interest, and perhaps funding. The unique selling point of Amazon’s smartphone will be revolutionary screen technology that displays hologram-like 3D images which, unbelievably, is viewable without cumbersome glasses.


I for one, am excited for Amazon to continue along their path in multimedia offerings – what’s next, Mr Bezos?

SOURCE: WSJ / Amazon

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