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8 Gadgets to Make Man’s Life Easier

Men and women are as unpredictable as one another, so it can still be challenging to find the perfect gift that a man will truly treasure. And if you’re buying for a specific occasion, please remember to prepare well in advance. However, here are some life hack Gadgets that any man will love. Do you know why? They’re practical, and men love practical.

Here’s a little treat then, 8 Gadgets that are guaranteed to make life easier and trust me you’re going to need one of them sooner or later:-

8. Scissor Lift:


Car maintenance isn’t always fun but it is imperative if you want to prolong the road life of your motor. Not only this, but it also ensures you and your passenger’s safety while driving. No more laying on cold concrete while you examine your vehicle, the Scissor Lift is one of your best options as you can lift your truck or car to custom heights for you to be able to work on brakes, body and suspension. Best yet, typically it is designed to fit a residential garage.

7. Swift Hitch with Portable Back-up Camera:

04928_1000Ever wanted to travel solo with a trailer? Now you can, with ease, with the Swift Hitch because with this nifty little Gadget you essentially have another set of eyes. This is magnetically affixed for you to have rear view capabilities from the driver’s seat. Oh and it has night vision mode. Not confined to this, they say this is “perfect for use on farms, monitoring filling grain bins, auger equipment and hitching of all sorts of farm implements.”


6. GearWrench Box Ratcheting Wrenches:


Well apart from being awesome and shiny these GearWrench Indexing ratcheting wrenches need only 5-Degreeto move the fastener. This is superior to counter-products requiring 30-Degrees, in the likes of your standard box end wrench. The patented technology enables users to select an angle you need and is extremely versatile in all situations. Made from premium alloy steel for durability and accuracy.

5. Car MD:


Sick of getting ripped of by mechanics? How about some DIY car maintenance with this handy little Gadget. Termed as a Vehicle Health System and Diagnostic this device has an easy to use interface and can fit just about anywhere! Additionally, it isn’t limited to one vehicle and has the capacity to store records of unlimited motors. Basically, within seconds the color-coded monitor LED’s inform you if there are any diagnostic issues and this would be perfect to bring along to used car dealers if you’re looking for a second hand vehicle. Plug and play using the included USB cable and inbuilt software to begin generating detailed reports.  I need one of these, stat!

4. GoLink iPod Cable:



Well, this device is self-explanatory and is just what everyone needs, or is it just me? This extended cable is designed for your Apple handheld devices and includes a free app that provides a picture of your car’s health, because you need to be on top of these things to improve your vehicle’s road life. Users can check and rest trouble codes, monitor various parameters and diagnose problems.

3. Stanley Portable Jump Starter Battery:



We’ve all been here before. Next time, bring Stanley Portable Power Station along with you because he has 500-amps of power that will kick start your RV, truck, vehicle or even BOAT – without the need for another vehicle. Additional features include an air compressor for on-the-go tire inflation and a powerful LED to provide light to dark spaces during car maintenance. Also, the box includes an AC charger (120 volt) to allow the user to recharge from a standard household socket.

2. Garmin 665:



The Garmin has saved lives before. It doesn’t matter if it’s situated in your snowmobile, motorcycle, bicycle or bike – it’s going to help you out. This updated model is now motor-cycle friendly and includes a stereo, Bluetooth, XM satellite radio, weather and traffic. Not much else to say, this is a Man’s Navigation Gadget and it is handy in emergencies.

1. Digital Accutire Pressure Gauge:



Our top of the list, correct tyre pressure is a matter of life and death. I used to work in a Legal Firm and I couldn’t count the number of car accident claims that occurred due to low tyre pressure. Tyres which are well maintained, in terms of pressure, extend tyre life, enhances your safety and saves fuel! Check yours on a monthly basis, as recommended by us at Techlitic, with this Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge which is typically as accurate as much higher priced models.

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