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Top 6 Movie Gadgets

It is not only James Bond who gets to use intricate and innovative gadgets at work. The bond movies, science fiction movies and other technology driven movies have been peppered with fanciful technologies. Here are some amazing gadgets that have been used in the movies that there viewers have craved to have at some point of time. And we will begin with this awesome Movie Gadget…

6. Jarvis in Iron Man

Jarvis is a very intelligent system; it is Tony Stark’s Al Butler who helps Iron Man to assemble the armors and tidies up all the mess that he has created. In the comic version, Tony had to bear with a human man servant but in the movie, the character was upgraded to an artificial intelligence.


5. Exosuit in District 9

What can be better than mecha? It is likely that the concept of mecha with a gravity gun is inspired from Half Life series. The alien is in a combat suit in the movie and has a gun, it punches with such vigor that the objects and the debris in the surrounding area goes flinging towards its enemies at a bone crushing speed. So the hero in the movie, Wikus makes use of a pig to act against the alien.


4. Motion Controls in Minority Report

The movie Minority Reports released in 2002 with motions controls done by Tom Cruise. At that point of time all this seemed to futuristic to be real but after 10 years Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii made such a device some true though the device was a little less impressive and accurate than the one shown in the movie. With the technologies like leap motion in our pc, it is not too far that there will be a huge shift in the technology when a large amount of data will be juggled with only our fingertips.


3. Three Seashells in Demolition Man

Sly Stallone was a cop who had to tangle with the psychopathic killer, Wesley Snipes in the science fiction comedy, but first he had to get used to the life in 2032. Specially the use of three seashells used in the place of loo roll in the futuristic toilets. This mechanism was a little bizarre for even the actor to understand, leave out what the viewer’s thought about it. Only I know how it works, if you do too – please leave a comment below.


2. Transporter in Star Trek

The crew in Star Trek had to use the transporter in all the versions of the movie, it was originally made to avoid making an expensive shoot for landing sequence with a model shuttle craft used each time when the crew landed on a planet. In 2009 the transporter effect was given CGI polish and spit, it really bedazzled me.


1. Neuralyzer in Men in Black

It had to be this! Men in Black, I used to love that movie. The gadget used in this was the so called neuralyzer looked like an oversized cigar which has been crammed with HAL. But it was not meant for smoking. The agents used the device to wash out the memories of an alien with a story to back it. This device was one of the most remembered devices in the movie. Maybe even my childhood.




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